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Commonly, we think of massage for relief of stress and treating sore muscles. Many other added benefits are the alleviation of anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, TMJ, headaches and insomnia related to stress. Plus, Mayofascial pain syndrome, muscle strains or sport injuries.


Massage is a way to help your body and mind find its balance. As a therapist I believe the human body is never a one issue situation. We all work, play, stress and live differently every day. When you arrive for your session you and I will customize our time together. Embracing a better life force through a balanced body and mind. Homeostasis.

Dawn Kephart LMT, OMT (Licensed Massage Therapist, Oncology Massage Therapist)

To book an appointment, please contact Dawn at

Customized Techniques
Deep Tissue:
This is a deep and direct slow technique used to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascitza (connective tissue surrounding muscles) Deep tissue usually focuses on specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain and injury rehabilitation.

Myofascial Release is an application of gentle and slow sustained pressure. This technique warms tissues and allows the fluid fascia to move and stretch the myofascial strands that may be bound. 

These techniques vary depending on the time (recovery period) since the initial injury or accident. Combined techniques may be used, such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial or muscle energy technique's (MET).

Swedish massage technique is a light to medium, slow and rhythmic massage designed solely for relaxation and health.

Muscle Energy Techniques:
METs are used for recovery and the release of persistent muscle issues or injuries. They are for instance: SCS (strain counter strain) CRAC (contract relax antagonist contract)...etc

Sometimes it's just a matter of getting comfortable. I take great care with mom and baby. Precautions are many... swelling (edema) and blood pressure to name a few.

Mom's blood volume increases, tissue soften, joints loosen and pressure is exerted on hips and back. The impending worries arise when expecting a new one in the house. Mom may need to remember she's important too. Creating new life is exhausting.

Oncology Techniques:
Gentle. Cancer can be very painful and stressful. There are a great deal of contraindications associated with the disease and its treatments. Having completed advanced training, I take special care with the needs of clients with cancer.

Specific massages
Hot Stone Massage:

Hot Stone massage is the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief. This 90 minute sequence uses approximately 60 stones.


The heat combined with the generous essentially enriched massage oils, relaxes, relieves and hydrates skin with calming warmth. This massage sequence is more than placing of stones. The complete massage is performed with stones in my hands at all times. When we are finished you will be warmly surrounded.

Aroma Touch:
This is a Do Terra essential oil treatment. A sequence of eight essential oils are dropped onto the spine and the soles of the feet. The oils are guided with a light and fluid touch along the back to the cranium. This application is designed to help calm, cleanse, relax,and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Raindrop Technique:
This treatment incorporates calming, energizing, and soothing essential oils with traditional massage practices. The integration of gentle massage sequence with specific essential oils, helps to balance energy, promote cleansing and facilitate open energy flow throughout the body.